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Water & Waste Water Balances

Unpacking a facility’s water intake, consumption and discharge, either in the form of a water balance or water footprint, is imperative in identifying potential opportunities for water efficiencies, savings and reuse. The WRS team is specialised in unpacking these key components and developing tailored solutions for business and industry.

Water Source Evaluations

Water supply security is a risk facing all sectors, making it critical that risks are identified and evaluated. The evaluation of a water source’s sustainability incorporates the projected physical, reputational, regulatory and financial risks within a business and geographical context. Sources evaluated include direct abstraction of surface and groundwater, and water supplied via a third party such as a water service provider or municipality.

Alternative Water Source Assessment

Where an unsustainable water source is identified, the WRS team assesses water source alternatives and their viability as a full replacement or partial augmentation of the existing water supply. Examples of alternative sources include surface water and groundwater resources, desalination and waste water recovery.

Risk & Opportunity Profiling

In order to make informed decisions today, it is important to understand how these decisions will impact the future. Using scenario analysis our team maps and evaluates a number of strategic scenarios against a business as usual case, enabling the optimal strategy to be identified. This strategy optimisation takes into account the variability of water supply quality and quantity, along with financial and legal implications of freshwater abstraction and waste water discharge.

Analytics Reporting and Evaluation Systems

WRS designs and implements water analytics reporting systems, aimed at driving productivity and reducing organizational barriers in water management. Each analytics system is personalised to the client’s business objectives and structures. The reporting system couples business intelligence performance reporting and forward-looking advanced analytics, and is designed to target a range of audiences within the organisation, providing information relevant to the role.

Corporate Water Reporting

The WRS team is well practiced in corporate / stakeholder water reporting, and routinely facilitates CDP disclosure on behalf of clients. Our CDP disclosure aims to meet business objectives, and aid business to achieve optimal grade scoring through our offered services and WRS consulting. Through the CDP process WRS consults with the client and assesses key issues which will help the business to realise the goals set out in the CDP.

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