Talbot & Talbot launches state-of-the-art Organics Laboratory in Pietermaritzburg

On September 6th, Talbot & Talbot MD, Carl Haycock welcomed VIP guests to the official launch and naming of its highly anticipated, state-of-the-art Organics Laboratory.  This expansion is in line with strategic plans for Talbot Laboratories, a subsidiary of Talbot & Talbot, to grow its in-house client service portfolio.  As unveiled, the Dr Bernard Talbot Organics Laboratory is named after one of the founders of the company. Talbot Laboratories continues its commitment to quality and reliability which is central to our mission, with an accreditation assessment completed and successful in August 2018.  Accreditation has cemented the capabilities and service excellence in the waste, contaminated land, and water sectors beyond South Africa’s borders.

As presented by Operations Manager, Micole Martens,  Talbot & Talbot is at the forefront of technological and methodological developments, having invested nearly R10 million over the last 18 months to upgrade a range of equipment and diversify into new fields.  We proudly operate multiple, cutting-edge instrument platforms for reliable detection of metals, nutrients, anions and organics (ICP-OES, ICP-MS, FIA, Gallery, GC-FID, GC-MS).  Increased automation capabilities serve our clients’ interests with improved quality at reduced turnaround times, sample volumes, and unit prices.

We take pride in our agility. We encourage clients to challenge us with tough sampling media, demanding turnaround times, and custom methodologies.

The Dr Bernard Talbot Organics Laboratory is the next phase in Talbot Laboratories’ journey.  The launch was attended by stakeholders from numerous business sectors including the media. Several presentations and a live demonstration of the state-of-the-art equipment aimed to showcase its capabilities and advantages to those at the heart of the business – our clients.