Expertise Overview

The Projects team is involved in the design and turnkey construction of water and wastewater treatment and recovery facilities for blue chip clients across the continent. The business unit’s strategic alignment with key clients allows them to support their clients in a diverse range of locations providing advice and design through to the turnkey construction of water and waste water treatment plants across the African continent.

The team of engineers and scientists, has the technical, chemical and process knowledge, along with experience, to provide chemical and water mass-balances support, water consumption optimisation advice, guidance on process performance enhancement, and water and wastewater treatment options from conceptual through to detailed design and turnkey installation.

The team has differentiated itself in the industrial space with an enhanced, specialist knowledge of multiple treatment processes and technologies in a range of sectors, including industrial, food and beverage, mining, agro-processing, petrochemical and municipal sectors among others.

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Our Experience

Our Projects business unit has demonstrated its water and wastewater management capabilities through solution implementation at numerous production facilities throughout the continent. Our experienced and well-trained staff ensure a cost-effective service, working to minimize the burden of waste management, reduce utilities costs and mitigate environmental risk, whilst allowing the factory personnel to focus on their core competencies.

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