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Plant Operation & Maintenance

Full outsourced operation of water and wastewater plants comprised of 24/7 on-site technical, maintenance and management support.  The application of standard operating procedures and our sound technical knowledge base ensures the effective management of our client’s asset. Services included in our operations and maintenance are:

Full Outsource Operations

We provide a full-outsourced service whereby we take total accountability for the performance of the plant that we are operating and provide all technical, mechanical and process input, supply all site-staff and associated management, carry out maintenance on all relevant plant and equipment,  and manage chemical supply and waste disposal. This allows the client to focus on their core business.

In addition to the hands on management of the plant, we continuously record and regularly report on all relevant data from the plant, as appropriate, to relevant levels within the clients organisational from, including utilities managers and engineers through to the Senior Executives. Our reporting structures and the reports themselves draw on our database, and are tailored to the clients specific requirements issued daily, weekly and or monthly depending on client specification

Site Supervision

Where clients employ their own teams, we are able to provide daily supervision to the site staff to ensure that the plant is operating at optimal performance. Our site supervisors have access to the full range of knowledge and experience of our technical directors and process specialists. Again, daily, weekly and monthly reporting is developed on a client-specific basis, and is drawn from our database for the plant by our process specialists.

Technical Support

Should clients only require a technical support contract, one of our highly-trained Process Specialists will be assigned to provide support and guidance to the client’s site-specific operations team. Typically the Process Specialist will visit the site on a regular basis, in addition to having remote access to view the plant’s SCADA, and advise accordingly. Reporting is developed on a client specific basis.

Anaerobic Digester Ramp Up & Optimisation

Talbot & Talbot has developed over 25 years of specialist knowledge in the management of anaerobic digesters across Africa, with specific knowledge of the associated challenges, and as such, offers specific support related to ramp-up and optimisation, from accelerated ramp-up to maximising gas production and utilisation.


Projects, Upgrades, Refurbishments & Maintenance

We have a dedicated team responsible for identifying necessary maintenance, upgrades, and  refurbishment requirements at water and wastewater treatment sites. The integrated chemical and mechanical engineering team provide our clients with sound solutions for all maintenance requirements.


Consulting & Auditing

Process audits undertaken by our technical experts identify optimisation opportunities and, where relevant, maintenance/ upgrade requirements.  These process audits support the Blue & Green Drop philosophy in the municipal space and energy recovery objectives with our industrial clients.


Equipment, Chemicals & Spares

As a service to our clients we support and facilitate the sourcing of water and wastewater treatment plant chemicals, equipment and spares. Should you have an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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