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Total Water Management

Our Total Water Management Solutions comprise the management of water and wastewater across the production cycle including incoming water, process water applications and wastewater.

The service is offered to our clients on the following basis:

Fully Outsourced Management of all Utilities
We provide a full-outsourced service whereby we take total accountability for the performance of the utilities that we operate and provide all technical, mechanical and process input, supply all site-staff and associated management, carry out maintenance on all relevant plant and equipment, and manage chemical supply and waste disposal. Our site teams are supported by our hub-based technical specialists as well as a data analytics reporting tool designed to provide our clients with a strategic approach to total water management across their sites.

Remote Operations
Automation provides the opportunity to manage cost through limiting onsite personnel whilst still providing site with process optimisation support from our central process control hub, ensuring that the clients performance and cost saving requirements are consistently met.

On-Site Management Supervision of our Client’s Team
Where clients employ their own teams, we can provide daily supervision to the site staff to ensure that utilities are operating at optimal performance. Our site supervisors have access to and support from our hub-based technical specialists. Daily, weekly and monthly reporting is developed on a client-specific basis and is drawn from our data analytics reporting tool.

Remote Technical Support/Supervision (Advisory)
Should clients only require technical support, one of our Technical Specialists will be assigned to provide support and guidance to the client’s site-specific operations team. Typically, the Technical Specialist will visit the site at agreed intervals for audit and on-site training purposes, in addition to having remote access to view the site’s data and advise accordingly. Reporting is developed on a client-specific basis.


Service and Maintenance Programmes

A dedicated team is responsible for identifying necessary maintenance, upgrades, and refurbishment requirements at water and wastewater treatment plants. The integrated chemical and mechanical engineering team provides our clients with sound solutions for all maintenance requirements comprising the following:

  • Maintenance Planning / Scheduling Identification
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Planned Shutdowns
  • Maintenance Refurbishment
  • Understanding Spares and Consumables Stock Management

Commissioning, Ramp-Up And Plant Recovery Support

Talbot and Talbot has developed significant specialist knowledge in the management of biological wastewater treatment processes across Africa, with specific knowledge of the associated challenges. We offer support for plant commissioning, ramp-up, optimisation and recovery, from accelerated ramp-up to maximising biogas production and utilisation.


Process And Cost Optimisation

While process and cost optimisation forms part of our total outsourced solution to our clients, this service can be offered by way of an ad hoc operations process assessment as follows:

  • Problem Solving and Troubleshooting
  • Process Review and Optimisation


Where required by our clients, we provide on-site training at our client’s premises covering:

  • Water and Wastewater Plant Operation and Management
  • Process Laboratory Testing Techniques and Reporting

Product Sales

As a service to our clients we support and facilitate the sourcing of equipment, spares, consumables and process chemicals. Sourcing of appropriate stock is supported by our technical team who confirm specifications in advance of orders.

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