Is your drinking water safe?

Reduced drinking water quality can cause immediate and/or long-term harm to human health. To prevent such impacts, the World Health Organisation developed Water Quality Guidelines. In South Africa, these formed the basis of National Standards No. 241, as published by our Bureau of Standards and revised most recently in 2015.


SANS 241:2015 is referenced in several Acts, including the Constitution of RSA (Act 108 of 1996), which notes South Africans’ right to water. The 241 standard comprises two parts: determinands (quality indicator) and application. Determinands are separated into microbiological (“bugs”), physical (human senses), aesthetic (human preference), operational (for treatment systems), and chemical (elements or compounds) indicators. Excluding aesthetic and operational determinands, the remaining indicator limits are based on acute (immediate) or chronic (long-term) human health values. SANS 241:2015 therefore quantifies safe drinking water for all South Africans.


Talbot Laboratories is accredited by the South African National Accreditation System, generating analytical results you can trust. We assist our clients in assessing the drinkability of their treated and untreated tap, reservoir, surface, and groundwater resources according to SANS 241:2015.


Our Projects and Operations teams offer bespoke engineered solutions to achieve and maintain compliant drinking water quality, while our Consulting services support businesses identifying their water-related risks and opportunities.