Talbot together with New Logic Research Inc (USA) are proud to announce a partnership that brings specialised membrane treatment services and expertise to Africa and the Middle East markets.  New Logic Research is the owner and developer of Vibrating Sheer Enhanced Process (VSEP) technology, a unique membrane treatment system that enables the effective management of highly contaminated and difficult to treat wastewater. Using a patented membrane vibration system, the VSEP can tolerate exceptionally high levels of organics, oils, salts, silica and other pollutants, which are typically not treatable by conventional ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems. The membrane provides a highly selective barrier to contaminants which enables the passage of a high-quality water stream (permeate) and a concentrated reject stream (brine) that can be managed effectively.

The VSEP technology will enable clients that previously faced large, multi-stage, high CAPEX systems the ability to manage their effluent in a single treatment step reducing complexity, operational and maintenance costs, footprint and energy requirements. This is vital for companies facing the 2019 restrictions on waste disposal to landfill (NEMA Waste Act 2008: 2013 Amendment No R.636) and hard to treat effluents such as leachates, slurries, tailings, agricultural waste, brine reject, contaminated boreholes and Zero Liquid to Discharge (ZLD) applications.  Not only can VSEP offer a membrane solution to water and waste streams, the technology can also recover product, thicken sludges and separate oils. “With VSEP, membrane treatment is no longer limited to water streams. Can we treat it? We have probably already done it”, says Greg Johnson, CEO of New Logic Research Inc.

In support of this unique technology, Talbot offers laboratory and pilot trial options, in addition to financial modelling of the VSEP potential via in-house capabilities. “It is important to look at wastewater treatment and water recovery in context. This is essential to determine the long-term economic impact and payback with investment in any treatment solution. Our trial systems enable a firm design to be established while economic models assess both the water and energy tariff structures, long term risk, sustainability, energy pricing and operability to enable clients to make an informed decision”, says Claire Lipsett, General Manager Consulting Services at Talbot.

With a combined industry knowledge in excess of 60 years, and a commitment to assisting clients with long-term, sustainable solutions, Talbot and New Logic Research look forward to providing clients the opportunity to access total water management, effluent treatment and product recovery using this unique VSEP technology.