Environmental compliance testing offers


  • SANS 241 Water testing for domestic consumption
  • Recreational water use and water quality
  • Dialysis water quality

Bottled and Packaged Water

  • Annual treated and packaged water monitoring, BP-RQ-183 & 184
  • 1657 Bottled Water for Domestic Consumption
  • GNR718 Bottle Labeling Requirements, Packaged Water


  • Benthic surveys


  • Livestock watering quality
  • Poultry watering quality
  • Irrigation water quality guidelines
  • Irrigation GAP analysis (Good Agricultural Practice)


  • General Authorisation for wastewater and storm water
  • Trade effluent discharge to sea outfall
  • Effluent discharge to water resource
  • Trade effluent discharge to sewer
  • Reverse Osmosis Plant quality

Soil, Sludge and waste

  • Sludge use or disposal – characterisation for agricultural use or disposal
  • Norms and standards for the Remediation of Contaminated Land, Soil Screening Values, SSV
  • Waste classification, Assessment & SDS compilation for disposal to landfill, GNR 634, 635 & GHS


  • Talbot quick scan – Qualitative screening analysis
  • Talbot broad scan – Quantitative screening analysis