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Strategic Water Advisory

Our consulting team provides strategic water advice primarily to agro-industrial, industrial and mining clients to advise on their exposure to water risk as well as the financial and market opportunity presented by improved performance. Areas assessed include the implications of climate change, increased demand and reduced supply as well as the risk of infrastructure failure and associated implications on security of supply for significant water users. This work is driven at board level within the client organisations and influences growth plans, investment decisions and associated risk mitigation measures.

Water and Wastewater Balances
Water balances provide a detailed understanding of a client’s water intake, use/consumption and discharge, associated chemical loadings, and quality requirements and is imperative in identifying potential opportunities for water efficiencies, savings and reuse. Our team specialised in both water and wastewater treatment systems is focused on developing tailored solutions for business and industry facing water challenges.

Water Source Evaluations
Security of water supply is a risk facing all sectors, making it critical that risks are identified and evaluated. The evaluation of a water source’s sustainability incorporates the projected physical, reputational, regulatory and financial risks within a business and geographical context. Sources evaluated include direct abstraction of surface and groundwater, through to water supplied via a third party such as a water service provider or municipality.

Alternative Water Source Assessment
Where an unsustainable water source is identified, our team assesses water source alternatives and their viability as a full replacement or partial augmentation of the existing water supply. Examples of alternative sources include surface water and groundwater resources, desalination and wastewater recovery.

Risk and Opportunity Profiling
Using scenario analysis our team maps and evaluates key strategic scenarios against a business as usual case, enabling the optimal strategy to be identified. This strategy optimisation considers the variability of water supply quality and quantity, along with financial and legal implications of freshwater abstraction and wastewater discharge, enabling informed decisions on the impact of key scenarios on future operations.

Analytics Reporting and Evaluation Systems
We design and implement water analytics reporting systems, aimed at driving productivity and reducing organisational barriers in water management. Each analytics system is personalised to the client’s business objectives and structures. The reporting system couple’s business intelligence performance reporting and forward-looking advanced analytics, and is designed to target a range of audiences within the organisation, providing information relevant to the role in a user-friendly, visual format.

Corporate Water Reporting
The strong linkage between water security and business continuity is increasing the emphasis placed on water stewardship by investors and customers. Consequently, presenting a robust corporate water profile is extremely important. We assist clients by developing corporate water reporting strategies that maximise positive exposure and streamline onerous data collection and reporting processes. The consulting team has a significant number of years’ experience reporting to the CDP Water and CDP Climate Change and generating integrated annual reports for our listed clients.

Engineering Consulting

Our team of specialist engineers and scientists has a wealth of knowledge and experience, developed in water and wastewater treatment, across a broad range of industries and sectors throughout the continent and provides clients with advice that is practical, implementable and cost-effective. Having worked in over 27 African countries, we know both the opportunities and challenges that clients encounter, and we bring robust solutions to every product that we deliver.

Plant Audits

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Industry water and wastewater specialists offer treatment plant feasibility including appropriateness of technology, CAPEX and OPEX life-cycle costs, water and energy recovery and business case scenarios.

Our dedicated in-house laboratory offers benchtop trials to assist clients in confirming key design criteria for biological treatment processes. Tests include Biochemical Methane Potential of substrates (BMPs), anaerobic chemical toxicity, organic loading rates, treatment performance and inhibition studies. Pilot studies are offered at client premises to provide comprehensive treatment options with site specific results. This includes anaerobic digestion, membrane treatment, screening, settling and chemical treatment options on a partially outsourced or fully outsourced basis.


We offer a holistic approach to water management, from source to discharge. Benchmarking of water usage, evaluation of water intensive pathways, reuse and recycling opportunities are identified. Detailed water balances and recommendations inform the client of water optimisation opportunities.


TalbotAnalytics is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, developed in collaboration between our domain specialists and international data scientists, that translate water data into strategic knowledge, enabling a proactive business response. This is extremely important in the water space which is continuously changing as new risks and opportunities emerge, and operational strategies need to be revaluated continuously to ensure business continuity and profit optimisation. The system speaks to all levels of the business and places a strong emphasis on financial metrics facilitating capital expenditure motivation.

TalbotAnalytics has been developed to allow flexibility in its implementation and can be a standalone data capture, storage and analytics system or overlaid onto a client’s existing data management system.

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