Water Risk & Strategy References

Water Strategy Development for a Diverse FMCG Company

Client: Confidential
Project Description:

The water strategy, implemented at the client company, tackled the growing and varying risks surrounding water and wastewater in South Africa. The strategy implemented by the team was practically based with on-site visits by the WRS in-house chemical engineer, and reticulation system mapping. This project is unique in the sense that it provided the full scope of services through strategic design, project implementation, and the supply of operations and technical support.

Water Strategy Development for a Multi-National Agricultural Company

Client: Confidential
Project Description:

Individual water strategies, covering both agricultural and industrial operations, were developed for each country, and were customised for the sites’ particular water and wastewater drivers. A Group umbrella strategy formed the backbone for the country strategies to ensure the necessary supporting structures were provided.  As part of the project, a water analytics reporting system dovetailing the strategies was designed to track facility performance, and keep the respective water strategies live and objective driven.

Risk Profiling for an International Chemical and Energy Company

Client: Confidential
Project Description:

Scenario analysis and risk profiling was used to inform the company’s long-term management strategy around an internal water related issue. The risk profiling model interrogated internal operating conditions, water and wastewater related risks at a broader level and OPEX and CAPEX projections related to the proposed management options.

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