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Talbot awarded EEP grant for Wastewater-to-Energy Project

We are proud to announce that Talbot has been awarded a grant from the Energy and Environmental Partnership (EEP Africa) for the development of the Talbot Wastewater-to-Energy Project. EEP Africa is a multi-donor trust-fund supported by Austria, Finland, the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) and the United Kingdom. The fund is managed by the NDF to … Continued

Talbot promotes the art of water in the fourth industrial revolution

Talbot, a South African provider of sustainable water and wastewater solutions, marked its 30th anniversary in 2019 by staging two seminars to update current and potential clients on the water risks facing South African business and opportunities to manage them utilising industry 4.0 technology. Held in Johannesburg and Durban on 7 and 10 October, the … Continued

New Business Development Manager joins the Talbot team

We take great pleasure in welcoming Bryan Louw to the Talbot team.  Bryan started his career in an FMCG production facility and it was here that he was exposed to the impact water has on the production process and the associated challenges it potentially brings. This birthed his passion for water and he elected to … Continued

From Intern to GM: Talbot appoints new General Manager Laboratories

It is extremely fitting that this Women’s Month we have the pleasure of announcing the promotion of Micole Martens to General Manager Laboratories.  This appointment brings female representation in the Leadership Team to over 50%. Micole further makes history being our youngest GM to date, starting with the company in 2010 as an intern.  She … Continued


Talbot together with New Logic Research Inc (USA) are proud to announce a partnership that brings specialised membrane treatment services and expertise to Africa and the Middle East markets.  New Logic Research is the owner and developer of Vibrating Sheer Enhanced Process (VSEP) technology, a unique membrane treatment system that enables the effective management of … Continued

Putting Water First For Another 30 Years: Our Company Commitment

As a pioneer in the field of water and wastewater management in Africa, Talbot & Talbot is especially proud of reaching its 30 year landmark in 2019. Getting here has required both passion and tenacity, traits that characterise our trajectory over the last three decades. From modest beginnings, as a small, family-owned wastewater business, Talbot … Continued

Talbot & Talbot announces long-term partnership with Thesele Group

South African water and wastewater solutions provider, Talbot & Talbot (Pty) Ltd  and Thesele Group (Thesele), a 100% black-owned investment holding company, have recently concluded a substantial equity transaction, in which Thesele acquired a 35% stake in the business in support of Talbot & Talbot’s  ambitious growth objectives. Thesele’s entry into the water industry represents … Continued

Talbot & Talbot and Manyoni Game Reserve partner to bring the Y.E.S initiative to life in water conservation

The Youth Employment Service Initiative (Y.E.S), gazetted on 28 August 2018, sets out to provide employment opportunities to previously disadvantaged, unemployed youth between the ages of 18 and 35.  Seen as a critical initiative to address unemployment amongst South African youth, President Cyril Ramaphosa launched Y.E.S on 27 March 2018 in an effort to help … Continued

Celebrating 30 Years of Wisdom in Water

Between 70% and 80% of businesses fail in their first five years in South Africa.  January 2019 saw home-grown water and wastewater specialist Talbot & Talbot celebrate 30 years of achievement in delivering sustainable solutions that help organisations address their water needs. This represents a momentous achievement for a business that was started by two … Continued


Talbot & Talbot (Pty) Ltd (Talbot), sustainable water and wastewater solutions experts and Econvert Water & Energy B.V. (Econvert), leading anaerobic technological provider announce their strategic partnership which allows customers in Africa to improve operational performance and to drive down production costs in a sustainable way using the most up-to-date technological solution. The strength of … Continued

Industry News


Presenting the Eco Digester, a quick to install, skid mounted anaerobic granular sludge digester specifically developed for smaller wastewater producers with COD loads up to 5 000 kg/day. THE ECO DIGESTER Developed by Talbot & Talbot’s AD partner, Econvert, one of Europe’s leading technology providers, will help to: Effectively manage your effluent Improve environmental compliance … Continued

Is your drinking water safe?

Reduced drinking water quality can cause immediate and/or long-term harm to human health. To prevent such impacts, the World Health Organisation developed Water Quality Guidelines. In South Africa, these formed the basis of National Standards No. 241, as published by our Bureau of Standards and revised most recently in 2015.   SANS 241:2015 is referenced … Continued


Talbot & Talbot has invested nearly R10 million over the last 18 months into developing its new state-of-the-art Organics Laboratory. The Laboratory is set to open up new services and capabilities in the waste, contaminated land and water sectors. Micole Martens, operations manager: Laboratories, Talbot & Talbot, discusses the company’s new venture. Could you give … Continued


On average industry discharges between 60% and 80% of the water they intake as wastewater. A costly exercise as this wastewater not only has to be offset by further intake of water into the system but the external treatment and disposal of this resultant wastewater stream holds a significant charge. When considering the price of … Continued

Strategic Wastewater Management in the Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry, like many others, makes use of a substantial amount of water during the manufacturing process.  It is estimated that an average of 3.5 – 5 litres of water is used per litre of  beverage production. Municipal water quality and availability is not guaranteed. For many operations the risk of water … Continued

Water scarcity implications and actions

We are heading deeper into a global water crisis. For over 633 million people, opening a tap and having access to safe potable water, is a luxury far beyond their reach, whilst the demand for water is estimated to increase by 50% by 2030. South Africa is experiencing one of the most severe water scarcity … Continued


As in many other industries, waste is generated at various stages during processing and manufacture in the food and beverage industry. Whilst improved efficiencies are continuously chased to reduce wastage and cost, significant opportunities are often missed along the way. An increased focus is being placed on the need to extract value from waste as … Continued

An Ecosystem Approach to Strategic Industrial Water Management

It is a glaring reality that water scarcity is a growing risk to business across Africa. Industrial water use accounts for approximately 11% of total water usage in South Africa.  It has been projected that in rapidly industrialising countries, industrial water usage could increase five times over the next 10 to 20 years.  How current … Continued

Project Updates

Design and build of a wastewater treatment plant for one of Nigeria’s fastest growing brewers

Talbot & Talbot recently completed a wastewater treatment plant installation just outside of Lagos, Nigeria for a global brewing company. The brewery is a Greenfields project and Talbot & Talbot provided the wastewater treatment plant on a turnkey basis.  Built under challenging conditions and in a country known for its high-risk profile, not only was … Continued

Successful operation of a wastewater treatment plant resulting in significant savings

Increasing pressure on water resources is leading to a global rise in supply-risk and cost of total water management.  At Talbot & Talbot we help our clients to understand and mitigate their water risk, effect water-related savings and enhance business sustainability through the analysis and assessment of their water use to the design, implementation, construction … Continued


Talbot promotes the art of water in the fourth industrial revolution

Talbot, a South African provider of sustainable water and wastewater solutions, marked its 30th anniversary in 2019 by staging two seminars to update current and potential clients on the water risks facing South African business and opportunities to manage them utilising industry 4.0 technology. Held in Johannesburg and Durban on 7 and 10 October, the … Continued

Talbot & Talbot launches state-of-the-art Organics Laboratory in Pietermaritzburg

On September 6th, Talbot & Talbot MD, Carl Haycock welcomed VIP guests to the official launch and naming of its highly anticipated, state-of-the-art Organics Laboratory.  This expansion is in line with strategic plans for Talbot Laboratories, a subsidiary of Talbot & Talbot, to grow its in-house client service portfolio.  As unveiled, the Dr Bernard Talbot … Continued

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