Beach Water Testing

SAMPLING PROCEDURE – E.coli in Sea Water

  1. Use a sterilized sample bottle when collecting E. coli samples.
  2. Label the bottle using a waterproof marking pen, filling the required information on the label.
  3. Gently wade into the water to knee depth or by the first wave break, making sure not to kick up sand. Wait for the water to be clear of debris that may have been disturbed while wading to the desired depth.
  4. Remove the bottle cap carefully and avoid touching the inside of the cap with fingers.
  5. Hold the cap in one hand and with the other hand turn the bottle upside down so the opening is facing the water surface. Make sure never to touch the opening of the bottle neck.
  6. With a downward thrust, dip the bottle at least 30 cms (or half arm length) below the surface. Fill the bottle with a U-shaped motion away from the body and discard a few mls to allow some head (air) space in the bottle.
  7. Carefully replace and tighten the bottle cap securely.
  8. Place the sample into a cooler with ice to preserve the sample and deliver the sample to an accredited laboratory (or delivery point) as soon as possible on the same day.


Wednesdays 7th, 14th & 21st December 2022 before 10am

Collect bottles and return samples to:

  • Salt Rock – Oasis Water @ Tiffanys Shopping Centre
  • Ballito – RO3 Oasis @ Lozi Park
  • Umhlanga – RO3 Oasis Water, Umhlanga Ridge
  • Durban – The Green Hub at Blue Lagoon
  • Amanzimtoti – Oasis Water @ Athlone Park Centre

Everyday until 21st December 2022 before 1pm

Collect bottles and return samples to:

  • Talbot Gillitts Depot (The Brook Office Park, Gillits)

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