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About Us

Water Management from Talbot & Talbot

Talbot & Talbot focuses on water management, industrial and municipal wastewater and water treatment, plant operation and maintenance and water reclamation. Our SANAS accredited analytical laboratory supports these services and offers a wide-range of water and waste related chemical and microbial analytical testing and functions.

Our strong multidisciplinary team of professionals will help to provide solutions to your water resource management needs and challenges, from understanding water-related risks and ensuring optimal supply on the front-end to maximising performance efficiencies and reducing effluent discharge.

With over 23 years experience, and four integrated business units, we offer full turnkey solutions with the aim of driving down our clients’ production costs and are committed to providing sustainable solutions to challenges in the water and wastewater management industry.

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Green Energy

With increasing pressure on plant managers and business owners to handle wastewater treatment, wastewater purification and water pollution arenas, we will assist you to:

  • increase productivity
  • reduce costs
  • minimize their environmental impacts
  • achieve discharge tariffs


We will provide advice and support in order to be able to make informed decisions that increase sustainability within their relevant business sector.

Find out the value of sustainable, effective wastewater treatment quickly and effectively… by talking to us today